Falcon Tactical Flashlight – 75% Discount + Free Shipping!

Are you interested in hunting advanced technologies and habitual of recreation and camping often? So you are going to know about super supporting gadgets during all your activities named Falcon tactical flash light. There is a flood of flash lights in the market these days but if we talk about the most buzzing and top list of flash lights in running year then there is only the name of falcon tactical flashlight which is a simple handy light easily kept in the hand bag. But you can’t believe in your eyes on seeing its impressive beam and super focusing power. It is such energetic to show you a day view in dark light.

How it works?

Falcon flashlight is a perfect powerful equipment to helps us in any incidence in low cost. To identify the right kind of equipments was always a mess but now within the advanced technology and positive search results Falcon tactical flash light has been proved as super power compact flash lights. The Falcon X800 is the perfect tactical flashlight for those who are ready to have a flashlight option that does more than just shine light. With its beautifully crafted body, bright beam, durability, and a host of other features, explained more. This gives a glance of hundreds of lighting bulbs in same place. Falcon flashes light illuminate the far ways and have a peek of target and range.

How it act as a weapon?

This compact flash light contains the ability of military equipment also, as its substance and outer surface has the ability to hit hardly, break the glass and in case, you are standing in the dark and you think that there might be some threat around you for example a snake then with the help of falcon tactical flashlight, you can literally find that threat and you can then think of the preventing measures. With a crenellated strike bezel for enhanced self-defense, tactical flashlights like the X800 offer a great and simple way to always be carrying. The end of the flashlight with the bulb in it is encased in jagged edges. These edges come in handy for breaking glass or whatever needs cracking depending on your circumstances.

Specifications of Falcon tactical flashlight:

  • It has Strobe and SOS features that will help you signal for help whenever you are in pain or danger.
  • Comes with an XM-L Cree T6 lamp which emits a blinding capacity of 800 Lumens
  • The X800 military-grade tactical flashlight makes big promises about its superman vision and blinding benefits. But can it actually live up to its high professional promises. Keep reading to discover its fancy features and tactical technology.
  • Consumes very little energy from the triple A battery that powers it
  • Very light since its body is made of aircraft aluminum
  • Comes with an adjustable zoom that can light up distances of up to 500m away
  • It is waterproof so you can use it even in extremely wet conditions
  • Has a super-prolonged lamp life of up to 100, 000 hours of light


  • It helps to enlighten dark areas
  • It helps to during camping
  • It is beneficial for hikers
  • There is an ultra powerful LED bulb fitted in it that has the capacity of 800 Lumen.
  • When it comes to the lamp life, it can last for more than 100,000 hours.
  • It is usable in the rain and hard weathers also
  • It is very light to safe in your hand bag and takes it with you any time
  • It also can be used for purpose of self defense
  • It also can pass through the deep waters
  • It is very beneficial for the fisher men

User Reviews about Falcon tactical flash light:

User1____” It is not the first flashlight that I have ever used. I had used a few flashlights of different companies but I was not much satisfied with their features and so I had sold them. Then I was told about falcon tactical flashlight and also about its outstanding features. I was impressed with its features and so I decided to buy it. It is really an amazing product with the advanced technology. I am really impressed of the workings as it helped me a lot.”

User2____”I purchased falcon flash light online through its website as I had arranged a trip with my friends. It was the night and it was raining heavily. The torches that my friends had were all not working in the rain but it was only my falcon tactical flashlight that was still on. Hence I impressed all of my friends. I also recommended them to buy it and they also got it from the company’s site. It is such a useful product that I think everyone must have it.”

User3____”It helped me a lot in all my daily routines even I started to enjoy its beam and super features, it is very useful and play an important role in case of any emergency. Emergency doesn’t come by informing so you must have the precautionary measures and so this light can be very effective for you at anytime in your life. It is such a useful tool that can be used by both men as well as women. As it helped me a lot when my car was disorder near by a dark area outside of the city and I wasn’t able to fix the problem if I had not falcon flash light with me, darkness also afraid me a lot.”

Where to buy falcon tactical flash light?

You can buy it from official website; you even can purchase it for all members of the family on discount offers. Currently website is offering 75% off! Offer is limited and if you get too late then stock may be finished. This product is being very popular and being buzzed on social media due to its additional features. Wish you good luck for this marvelous product which you can take with you all the times.

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