I have with great interest read the article


I have with great interest read the article about stretching, but I could not find low exercise Sierpinski above the waist and from the hip to the shoulder blades. How do you deal with these muscles? Can this with steamroll? Peter Mark Chen, physiotherapist Nice of you article on stretching have read with interest. I see several questions, I will answer them separately. By “low Sierpinski above the hip to the shoulder blades” I assume that you have the “cables” means running up parallel to your spine. In that case, I suggest you do the following: Grab a ball (a tennis ball to a lacrosse ball is better) and go on your back on the floor. Put your legs on a platform, such as a chair for example.

Place the ball on the muscle, about 1 to 3 centimeters of the spine from. Your starting point is just above the pelvis (see photo). Lower your calm on the ball and massage the muscle to move quietly through your body. You can do this all the way to the shoulder blades. After relaxing the muscle you bring him to bend at length through your entire back, from head to lower back, quiet for about starting position (again, see photo). This combination is perfect in order to address the said muscles. Steamroll For pyrotechnical I refer you to the e-book I have published recently. You can download free .


Good luck and I always hear like or what you’ve had to! Do you have a question? Ask it on to one of our experts. Let urgency always ask your GP, before the experts are not the right person. They also ask any diagnoses. The other conditions can be found here . Mark Chen is a physiotherapist and qualified NASM personal trainer. Since August 2014 he has been working in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. His expertise lies in analyzing and optimizing movement patterns. Dry needling and medical taping are an important part of his vision and training predominates.

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