If an eyelash is landed during a cold

Everyone has watery eyes. If an eyelash is landed during a cold or if you have an outing Snippert example. Tears run regularly just on your cheeks? Then there may be more to it.

Your eye is a layer of moisture, the tear film. This protects the eyes from drying out and expels debris.Normally the supply and removal of the tear fluid balance, so that your eyes are moist enough prevcies.Do too many tears if they are not disposed of properly, they drip all over your face. The medical term for this is epiphora.

extra tears

Man is the only animal which  of sorrow, joy and pain. When emotions tear glands to produce moisture copious amounts. Even if something tickles your eyes, make you extra tears. The source of irritation can be anything: a speck of dust, cold, wind, smoke, inflammation of your eye or eyelid or an eyelash that has grown toward your eye and thereby pricks in your eye. Moreover, your eyes tear more quickly with colds and allergies such as hay fever.

The most common cause of watery eyes are  . There is something wrong with the tear film, which dry out your eyes and lacrimal glands in response, secrete called reflex tears. This reflex tears have a different composition than the tear film. Thus, they continue to not be on the eye, but they run from right back.

Blocked tear ducts

The blinking motion of your eyelids pumping excess tears to your inner eye corners. There are tiny openings, tear points. Via a system of ducts and tubes reaches the tear fluid, then the nasal cavity. That’s why you’re going to when you cry.

This drainage can occur in different places a narrowing or blockage by inflammation, deviation, accident or unknown causes. The moisture can not therefore go away and your tears. Congenital obstruction of the lacrimal pathways is common in babies. At 90-95 percent of children go to the teardrop roads in the first year itself open, allowing the tears to stop.

If the eyelids not push away the tears at the corners, you also get watery eyes.This happens especially in the elderly and the lower eyelid slackened or slightly turns outwards or paralysis of the eye muscles.

To the eye doctor

Often you temporarily watery eyes or you know what causes them. Try situations where you get to avoid dry and / or watery eyes. Keep your eyes tears and you have no idea why, consult the doctor. This refers you if necessary to an ophthalmologist or ENT doctor.

The treatment of persistent watering of the eyes depends on the cause. The doctor will see the first or the tear film is in order and if there is anything that causes irritation. If this is not the case, then he test the tear drainage system through which water to be injected in the openings in the eyelid. Does the fluid in your nose right? Then the drainage system is working properly. The water remains stabbing something, then reveal that a blockage or narrowing is.

With different techniques such blockage can be eliminated, such as with an angioplasty treatment, stretching by means of a rod or of placing a tiny tube.

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