If you suffer from hemorrhoids,

If you suffer from hemorrhoids, you will be freed as soon as possible from this painful bulges. In early hemorrhoids can all help adjusting your eating and bowel habits. There are many agents that relieve pain and itching. Are they bigger than treatment by a specialist.

You can itself reduce your symptoms by the address of your hemorrhoids. Adjust your power and bowel habits, so you clogging and prevents excessive pressure on the anus. Immediately go to the bathroom when you need to and do not try to squeeze too hard and too long. Exercise regularly, eat fiber and drink enough.

Do you still suffer from constipation, you can use an anti-constipation, such as psyllium husks, lactulose or bran. Often, the problems disappear so obvious.

Hemorrhoids Ointment

Against the itching and burning feeling that hemorrhoids can deliver, are at the chemist various ointments and suppositories available. You do not need any prescription.

Ointments and suppositories with lidocaine anesthetize locally and make as bowel movements less painful. Products containing zinc are also effective against the pain and moreover satisfy the itch. Moreover, the hemorrhoids they would do a little displaced. The doctor may also prescribe hydrocortisone cream, which has anti-inflammatory and soothing.


Helping lifestyle advice and creams do not, then the doctor refer you to a specialist who removes hemorrhoids.

The most common method is ligation of hemorrhoids with rubber bands, or a rubberbandligatie. The doctor looks at via a tube (proto coop) the final part of the intestine and brings a strap to above the mucous membrane of the hemorrhoid. For example, the blood supply is cut off, leaving the hemorrhoid to shrivel and die after a few days.

This surgery takes place on an outpatient basis. An anesthetic is not necessary. Because it aambeiweefsel itself is numb, it is not painful. You can still have a few days suffer from loss of blood and an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach or anus. The ligated hemorrhoid and the band itself lost touch with the stool.

other methods

The blood supply to the hemorrhoids can also be stopped by sear the blood vessels using infrared light. Even then the hemorrhoid dies. Another option is that the doctor injects an irritant fluid into the hemorrhoids, causing them to shrivel. Only for very large hemorrhoids need surgery under general anesthesia where you will be hospitalized. Even if you have hemorrhoids that keep coming back, surgery can provide a solution. This is very effective, but shows that after the treatment still a considerable number of days of pain.

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