It may be that it is on your eyes. Eye disorders

You stumble more often? Or walk more often just to people? It may be that it is on your eyes. Eye disorders are common and can have serious consequences. Recognize the onset of glaucoma and prevent worse.

Of the 40-plus get 2 percent of glaucoma. The risk of disease increases slightly with age. Of all over-80s has 4 percent of glaucoma. In 2003 96.700 people in the Netherlands had the disease: 42,500 men and 54,200 women.

What goes wrong?

Approximately half of the patients having a high intraocular pressure. Therefore, the optic nerve dies. But even people with normal eye pressure can get glaucoma if they raised sensitive to intraocular pressure. Probably plays a poor blood supply to the optic nerve thereby a role. Not everyone with high eye pressure also get glaucoma.

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a serious ocular condition in which the optic nerve is damaged.The images seen by the eyes, reach the brains anymore. This can gradually lead to visual impairment and eventually total blindness.

Have an eye test sentence?

Yes. Let your eyes from your 40th check well with the eye doctor when you have a higher risk of glaucoma that occurs in the family. With an intraocular pressure measurements, and an examination of the state of the optic nerve and the field of view glaucoma can be determined at an early stage. If that happens before the optic nerve is damaged, it can save your eyesight.

When should you see a doctor?

At the initial stage you will notice little or nothing of glaucoma. The earliest symptoms are: often stumble, bump into people or things, or something on the ground drop and then not be able to find more. Even if you suddenly lumps in traffic, sounding the alarm to go off. How is it treated? Once damage caused by glaucoma, the eye is no turning back. However, it can be stopped the progress of the disease. In the majority of cases can be reduced to the eye pressure with eye drops. If drops are not working properly, the intraocular pressure can be lowered with pills, laser treatment or surgery.

Ophthalmologist Hans Lemij of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital, chairman of the Dutch Glaucoma Group:
“Glaucoma is the biggest irreversible blind maker in the world is a scary disease:. Initially you do not notice that you’re being told in many publications that the symptoms box and see. blind spots, but that is not true you do get blind spots, but you do not experience as blind spot in glaucoma, the optic nerve dies slowly,.. the connection between eye and brains, the result brains get enough information inside and then go. that information to fill. so you think yourself that you look fine. Furthermore, not everyone with glaucoma too high eye pressure. Because of these two factors, the disease is often only detected at a very late stage. glaucoma is treatable, in which meaning that further deterioration can be slowed or stopped. ”

Good for the eyes

The risk of visual impairment and blindness from glaucoma can easily reduce your self.

  • Have your eyes checked regularly. Especially when there are risk factors for glaucoma, it is a must to regularly check the eyes. Are you going to suddenly see less sharp? Let your eyes always checked immediately.
  • Do not smoke.┬áSmoking is one of the biggest risk factors for glaucoma.

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