Lettuce is the most purchased vegetable

Lettuce is the most purchased vegetable Netherlands. It is not vitaminebom, but by combining and range, you can always make a nutritious and delicious dish with it. By adding other vegetables or tasty dressings. Because lettuce is not only healthy, there are also low in calories. These and more reasons to eat lettuce.

1. It counts as a vegetable

The more vegetables you eat, the better. Vegetables and lettuce also gives many health benefits and is associated with a lower risk of chronic diseases. The advice is to eat at least 250 grams of vegetables per day. So please have a nice salad at lunch salad or sandwich fillings you with a few leaves.

2. There are vitamins in

There are many different types of lettuce: lettuce, iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, oak leaf lettuce, lamb’s lettuce, red lettuce, arugula. Just to mention a few.Lettuce is not vitaminebom, but each species has its advantages. Thus, iceberg lettuce rich in calcium and vitamin C. And lettuce is rich in vitamin A.

3. There fibers sit in

Lettuce is also a source of dietary fiber. These are important for proper digestion. Per day is recommended 30 to 40 grams of fiber to eat.

4. Low calories

Lettuce itself contains few calories, but by adding eg dressing or a generous amount of cheese salad you can still turn into a calorie bomb. You think you’re doing well if you buy a main course at the supermarket? Research by the Consumers Association has revealed that these are packed with fat and that they too much salt contain. So make yourself a lean salad with lots of veggies and not too oily dressing. Similarly, you should not buy prepackaged lettuce in bags. This is often two days no longer good.

5. Antioxidants

Lettuce contains antioxidants. These scavenge free radicals. Free radicals are aggressive substances in unfavorable cases damage can give to cells and tissues. Antioxidants can help prevent damage and thus possible long-term diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease prevention. Of all types of lettuce red lettuce contains the most antioxidants and nutrients. This is because dark leaves absorb more light and merge vitamins. If you eat healthy and varied, you get in enough antioxidants. Ingesting more antioxidants through supplements provides no additional health benefits, and may not even a risk.

A few ideas to vary with lettuce:

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