Marianne had first glasses for distance


Marianne had first glasses for distance vision and reading glasses, which she wore alternately as required.When she turned increasingly necessary to have her glasses, she was sitting and she tried gewissel two years ago once multifocal lenses out. She was not talking about the strength: the lenses they saw not as sharp as her glasses. Marianne switched to “normal” single vision lenses for distance vision, combined with reading glasses.

Now we are further two years and the developments have not stood still, Marianne undertake a new attempt with multifocal lenses. Actually, they will be surely happy rid of those reading glasses you ever again have to have with you and still have to tackle. She hopes that the lenses have been improved and have good sharpness.

getting used

After an eye test Marianne gets a set of soft, multifocal lenses note that last a month. Because she already has experience with soft lenses, they can wear it right out. They have to get used to a few days at the multifocal effect. The reading section is not as bottom with glasses, but all around. The reading strengths are in invisible rings ingrained, with sections for far, near and in between.

After two weeks Marianne returns to the optician because they can not find sufficient sharpness of the reading area. After a new measurement Marianne get a different strength lenses with which they left pretty happy. At very small print or inscriptions in an indistinct color catches them occasionally even her reading glasses. Even in the darkness she sees sometimes blurred. Your pupil is bigger, so you look through the reading section by mistake. Your eyes must then adjust here.

The optician indicates that they might have to lay something down the bar. With multifocal lenses you will never see as perfectly sharp when you have no derogation had your eyes and could without glasses and contact lenses.


Marianne can now fine feet with multifocal lenses reading, computer work, driving and tennis. The benefits are clear for Marianne: It’s nice to not have spectacles on your nose and not having to intervene each time to your reading glasses. They can now also sunglasses buy that does not need to be on strength and that is again a lot cheaper. The small negatives takes them eager for love, for weighing the benefits of multifocal lenses for its heavier.

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