That is, does not reduce vision, but the elasticity

With age escapes almost no one there to: reading glasses.Gesundheit answers seven questions so you can find the perfect glasses.

When reading glasses is needed?

If someone 40 has passed, the eyes deteriorate. That is, does not reduce vision, but the elasticity of the tissues of the eye lens. The elongation is going out of it, thus decreasing the flexibility. The eyes turn not so good about from far to near. Virtually no one escapes them.Who the fine print what looks difficult, moreover, do not start right reading glasses. The eyes may be a bit to do their best. Really train your eyes you can not otherwise.That’s a myth.

What are the signals?

The most famous signal that someone newspaper or book further distract themselves, because the letters than when larger truth. But at a certain moment, the arms are too short. A signal is that you put a lamp or stand by a window to read something.Headache, tired or burning eyes can be another character. Also myopic wearing an ordinary eyeglasses or contact lenses, do not escape the decline. An additional signal for them is that they increasingly take off their glasses to see something up close.

What does reading glasses?

The reading glasses is not examined. He not increased, but compensates for the lack of sharpness. The reading glasses is a tool when the eyepieces to adjust to near vision.

How to purchase the first reading glasses?

First let an eye test do when an optician or optometrist. This involves looking to identify the strength of the eyes and the distance between the pupils, but also the optician may or there may be a medical cause through which you see worse. There is medically nothing wrong, you can go sort out the reading glasses.

When is a standard reading glasses fit?

That changes a person. The normal sizes namely providing a limited supply so that not all eyes will be equally happy with a standard glasses. Firstly, the strength of the glass in the standard reading glasses left and right sides, while it is almost never as with eyes. Further, the distance between the optical centers of the glass is important. If the optical center is exactly in front of the pupil, looks the nicest. The more the distance between the optical centers different from the distance between the pupils, the faster you will suffer from symptoms such as headache, fatigue and double vision. You can not judge in the store itself or adjusts the glasses, because the eyes adapt as much as possible.Only later will the complaints.

Which reading glasses are there?

People with glasses or contact lenses for verzien can take a bifocal glasses or bifocal lenses. Bifocal glasses improve visibility near and far.

Another possibility are multifocal lenses, which offer three viewing distances together: in smooth transitions you far, near and in between seeing (computer or window away). Some people may indeed badly used to bi- or multifocal lenses.For people who do not verzien glasses, a look on (half glasses) a good solution.The advantage is that you can look around for well over glasses. A ‘whole’ glasses you should always drop it.

You can have a special fitting glasses at the optician. The frame and the glass together from € 20 to € 30 for sale. Bifocal and multifocal is more expensive.However, there are standard reading glasses which cost a few euros.

How long are you wearing glasses?

The eyes get worse as you get older. Average person does three years with reading glasses, then the strength to be adjusted. If someone is around 60, 65 years, the decline has stabilized. Then, the time is from determines replaced by scratches or the desire for a different frame.

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