The asparagus season has started

But how do you know asparagus are fresh? How healthy are asparagus?And why does your urine smell differently from? What you need to know about asparagus.

The fresher, the better, but how do you know asparagus are fresh? You can hear! By rubbing two stems together.If you hear a beeping sound, it is good. The asparagus are wonderfully fresh.

There are three types of asparagus, white, green and purple. The most sold and produced in the Netherlands are white (97 percent). Only 3 percent consists of green asparagus. On a very small scale are also purple asparagus produced and sold. Purple asparagus can be cooked either eaten raw. The high makes this variety ideal for processing into salads.

main differences

The white asparagus growing in the ground (asparagus beds), green and purple above the ground. In addition, white always be properly peeled and green asparagus only the large (16-20 mm). In purple asparagus is only necessary to cut off the lower part of the stem.


Asparagus, also known as ‘white gold’, are more rich in the amino acid disparaging. Research has shown that disparaging stimulates the renal function. Disparaging also has a positive effect on liver disorders, chronic rheumatism and  Asparagus adjust their diuretic well in a diet.


If you’ve eaten asparagus, you can  will smell differently than normal. In about half of the people who eat asparagus this is so. This fragrance is created because sulfur-containing spores are in the asparagus plant. The liver converts it into methamphetamine, volatile sulfur compounds that leave the body through urine.


Asparagus AA quality are the best asparagus. The stems have a diameter of between 20 and 28 millimeters and an average length of 19-22 centimeters. The tip of the asparagus is closed, the handle is right, the color lily white and shining light.

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