The field of view becomes more and more


The effects of glaucoma

The field of view becomes more and more adversely affected. That process takes place from the outside of the eye, to the central part of the eye, so that you are going to see in the first instance, only the surroundings less sharp.Thereby glaucoma is usually a long time unnoticed. Without eye exams so it can take a long time before the disease is detected. And then it is often too late: the damage can not be undone.

The treatment of glaucoma

First of all, an attempt is made to lower the eye pressure with eye drops. Rolf Zandbergen “If that does not work properly, can be stimulated the moisture removal with laser treatment which reduces the IOP You can compare this with the shooting holes in a sponge, allowing the moisture better drains The last option is:.. During surgery placing a kind of drain that drains the moisture. ”

macular degeneration

On the retina images are projected. Those images are captured by photoreceptors (rods and cones), and transmitted to the brains . The central part of the retina, the macula, allows for seeing fine details. If this part of the retina showing wear and die cones (macular degeneration), you can see in the middle of the picture a spot. Rolf Zandbergen: “The risk of this disease increases with age, but genetic predisposition also plays a role.” In addition,smoking is a major risk factor.

The effects of macular degeneration

Zandbergen: “One of the first things you notice is that the center of the eye less well functioning so you details see lesser There are several types of macular degeneration In the dry form, falling particles of the field away at the… wet formdistorts the image. ”

The treatment of macular degeneration

“Previously macular degeneration treated with laser light, but today we know that injections give a better result. It is a thin needle medication injected into the eye. The pain is not too bad, but it must sometimes be repeated every five to six weeks . ” Certain dietary supplements (antioxidants like vitamins C and E) have a positive effect, and preventive work. Zandbergen: “But that does not apply to anyone Who smokes, for example it may have just the opposite effect so Discuss always a good option with the ophthalmologist or food supplements…”

diabetic retinopathy

Who diabetes has to diabetic retinopathy develop (DRP) of the retinal blood vessels then leak. In severe form leads to new weak blood vessels that bleed easily. Rolf Zandbergen: “Even if the diabetes is treated, this eye condition can occur Sometimes you notice it only when the disease is already at an advanced stage, it is therefore very important to have an annual check eyes from the time diabetes is.. observed. “

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