There are some problems that you’d

There are some problems that you’d rather not talk about it or to the doctor. A fistula at the anus, also known as a peri-anal fistula, there is one of them. Nevertheless, it is important for getting to go to a doctor or specialist. A fistula will include not go away and in almost all cases should be surgically removed.

A fistula at the anus is a connection between the anal canal and the skin around the anus. Often as a relic of inflammation (abscess) in a libertarian. This infection can spread into the sphincter of the anus and then to the skin.

About thirty percent of perinatal abscess is a fistula. Also, people who have certain inflammatory diseases of the bowel, such as, for example, the Croon’s disease or ulceration colitis to make, with tuberculosis or other rarer inflammations sometimes get with fistulas.


In most cases, people have complaints of moisture or purlieus from a small opening, often visible as a bump in the skin. Among said opening, an inflammation develops. Usually it looks like there is a pimple. Some people only does it hurt and it is difficult to find an abscess is starting. This is because the opening of the canal usually just in the anus rather than around it sits in the skin.


The symptoms are very clear and physical examination alone is sufficient for most people to make a diagnosis. If it is important to know how the course of the fistula (s) is compared to the sphincter, is made ​​an ultrasound examination of the anus (EUS). If it is not yet clear how the fistula is running and whether there is a cavity with pus than one is MRI scan made.


A fistula is not caused by poor hygiene. Why one does get a fistula, and the other does not, is not known. There is only one effective treatment, which is surgery. The surgery takes about three minutes to an hour and is done under out in the local or general anesthesia. Per person looks at what is best. The doctor makes during the operation the course of the fistula fixed and open up it completely. When the fistula extends through the lower portion of the sphincter of the anus, this part of the sphincter muscle is also taken and made ​​open.
In the majority of the patients will remain close enough muscle tissue about to incontinence prevention. The wound is left open after the operation, and cures within a few weeks. The wound should be cleaned regularly. Especially after a bowel movement, but also in between.

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