They take care of annoying itching, pain


Hemorrhoids; a painful taboo. They take care of annoying itching, pain and a burning sensation in an annoying place. You want to know as soon as possible to be able to sit back painless, cycling and again with pleasure you can do everyday things. Fortunately Theranal provides a quick and effective solution to hemorrhoids, which is freely available at the drugstore.

painful taboo

Hemorrhoids often cause feelings of shame. Yet one ever experienced in five people. Especially fifties and overweight or poor circulation. Hemorrhoids caused by swollen blood vessels around the anus. These blood vessels everybody. But due to high pressure, which can sometimes swell causing hemorrhoids occur. Hemorrhoids may itch, pain and irritation making sure your daily activities such as sitting, cycling or going to the toilet can be annoying.

Theranal you can pick up at the drugstore or pharmacy; You do not need a prescription from your doctor for. Theranal exists in two versions, in the form of Theranal ointment and a suppository Theranal. The Theranal suppository is only intended for use with internal hemorrhoids. The ointment is especially suitable for both internal and external hemorrhoids. Both work equally effective


Theranal provides fortunately a quick and effective solution to itching, pain and irritation caused by hemorrhoids. Lidocaine has an analgesic and antipruritic effect. Also provide Zinc oxides and bismuthsubnitraat sure to shrink the hemorrhoids.


Suggested use

The daily use of Theranal will reduce the symptoms quickly. Consult a doctor if the symptoms persist longer than two weeks. Theranal can be used during pregnancy only after consultation with the doctor.

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