Using a special laser the affected parts


The effects of DRP

DRP untreated can lead to visual impairment and even blindness. In severe form, which can in rare cases acute happen.

The treatment of DRP

Using a special laser the affected parts of the retina to be turned off to keep the rest in a better state. “With this treatment stops the process,” says Zandbergen, “but vision will not by far. The damage is irreversible.”


Clouding of the normally clear lens called cataracts, but the condition is officially called cataract . It is a typical disease of old age. Zandbergen: “Everybody gets it eventually From your sixtieth take the opportunity continues to increase as it runs in the family, you are working or often suffer with infrared rays of lesions, then the risk of early cataracts bigger…”

The effects of cataract

It is often a slow process, with different symptoms can occur. You can go blurred vision, the image can be grayer and you can get light glare charge in the dark, for example, if you look at the headlights of oncoming traffic. double vision also comes with one eye and for many people need increasingly stronger glasses.

The treatment of cataracts

Advanced cataracts can be corrected with surgery. Zandbergen: “It is hereby removed the lens from the capsular bag and replaced with an artificial lens, we anesthetize today with drops, so the patient can immediately go home after the procedure you can see just as well after two to three weeks to develop.. of cataracts. ”


Moles ( nevi ) may also exist in the eyes. Sometimes they are innate, whether they arise in the course of time. Zandbergen: “. Our eyes are partly made ​​of tissue and moles may arise thereon, which very occasionally develop into malignant melanomas .”

The consequences of a nevus

A nevus is usually asymptomatic, sometimes you go blurred vision.Zandbergen: “But if it is a melanoma, the consequences can be very serious, the tumor may begin to spread with death, it is important to be here at the earliest possible You can not see yourself a nevus,… before a retinal photograph is required. ”

The treatment of a naevus

Ordinary moles do not need to be removed, but if it is a melanoma can be treated as long as it is detected in time. Zandbergen: “Due to a highly localized radiation or heating the tumor is destroyed Often the eye not only preserved, but also continues to restore sight..”


A high blood pressure may cause damage to the blood vessels in the eye.Zandbergen: “This is for a retinal photograph or a special ophthalmoscope.”

The effects of retinopathy

Retinopathy by high blood pressure can be compared with diabetic retinopathy.Who continues to run with high blood pressure, can thus be impaired and even blind.

The treatment of retinopathy

Zandbergen: “Blood pressure should go down with medication and a laser raises the trial in order to a halt, but the damage caused is irreparable.”

early diagnosis

With many eye diseases is early diagnosis important, preferably before any symptoms occur. With a retina check examines whether perhaps there is a novice eye condition.

Optometrist Pauline Schenk: “A retina check is a preventive screening, meant for people who have no symptoms yet and are not under examination by an ophthalmologist by even letting your retina checked every two years, you can prevent your eyes unnoticed damage. increase.” During the eye exam and check the retina, which in total takes about twenty minutes, the eyes are all measured. The eye pressure is checked and a picture is taken of the retina.


Pauline Schenk: “Participants answer questions about include medication, possible genetic predisposition and we submit data about the ethnicity Certain pigment patterns can namely be normal for someone with dark skin, but to point out a defect in a white skin Photo and.. other results are sent to the lab where the analysis is performed. ”

The rash usually follows five days via e-mail, but if there are signs of a disease, then the participant will receive a letter at home and a referral to an ophthalmologist. The latter is at about 1 in 13 people are the case. Starting with glaucoma is found most often, but also other conditions such as in the eye and tears in the retina occur suspicious moles. Pauline: “In the vast majority, there is fortunately nothing happened.”

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